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  • What is Alteryx and what is it used for?
    Alteryx is an analytical tool that provides solutions to the most complex analytical processes with very competitive development and execution costs and times. Thanks to Alteryx, the user is able to transparently and automatically manipulate various sources of data and then quickly generate analyses. It is also possible to perform advanced analyzes such as statistical and predictive analysis. Also, Alteryx features the “Assisted Modeling” feature which was designed to simplify the experience of creating machine learning models in Alteryx Designer. “Analytical applications” can be deployed at scale, shared, and controlled with the Alteryx Server Gallery. The analytical platform is particularly intended for business users who become autonomous quickly thanks to the simplicity of learning and use, without requiring coding skills. Alteryx was voted People's Favorite BI Solution of 2017 by the Gartner Peer Insights Platform.
  • Who uses Alteryx these days?
    Alteryx is used by thousands of people around the world every day, working in a variety of industries. Their daily life consists of manipulating data to solve analytical problems and inform strategic decisions. Industries are now resorting to using Alteryx to speed up their processes.
  • What are the prerequisites for an Alteryx training?
    In order to use Alteryx, you need to install the Alteryx Designer application on your computer. You can have a free license valid for 30 days or buy a license.
  • Who does training at Prime Analytics?
    All trainers at Prime Analytics are employees of the structure.
  • Is Prime Analytics a certified training organization?
    Yes! Prime Analytics is a certified training organization.

Want to know more?

Watch this presentation given by one of our trainers: Training is Learning Twice

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